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Pulse Power Supply

Product description
Main feature and function of DCPP series pulse power supply       
  • Pulse current: 300A         Pulse voltage: 80KV (120nf loaded ESP)
  • Pulse width:<85us           Pulse frequency: < 200HZ
  • High efficiency in dust collection: over 50% efficiency promotion for high specific resistance and PM2.5 dust.
  • Energy saving: Energy saving rate of ESP increases 80% if compared with conventional power supply.
  • Protection level: IP56    Environment temperature: -40~60℃    Low failure rate
  • Communication function: Modbus TCP/IP and 485 communication, easy to connect with IPC and DCS
Schematic Diagram
Dust removal Mechanism of pulse power supply
  • By changing the pulse repetition frequency, the current can be controlled independently out from the voltage. This allows the ESP to run at high voltage but low current so that the back corona can be eliminated.
  • Narrow pulse and high voltage lead to more intense corona discharge, which improves the charge capacity of small particles.
  • The internal current distribution of the dust remover becomes uniform.
Advantage of DCPP series pulse power supply
High efficiency in collecting high specific resistance dust and PM2.5 dust
  • Energy saving: 80% promotion if energy saving compared to conventional power supply. Short shutdown time without additional cost for retrofitting of ESP.
     ESP performance is improved for various fuel.
  • High specific resistance dust is easy to produce back corona on the surface of CE plate;Back corona phenomenon can make the dust layer on CE plate produce many extra positive ions. These positive ions quickly neutralize the negative charge in the field. As a result, dust cannot be negatively charged, so dust removal efficiency is reduced. At the same time, the back corona will produce unnecessary loss and spark.
  • For PM2.5 ultra-fine dust, probability of dust charging is low, only when the negative charge with high concentration is generated instantaneously, can PM25 dust be effectively collected;
  • The pulse voltage generated by the pulse power supply is as high as 120KV, which can ionize the air in a very short time. The electric field instantly produces a negative charge with very high concentration, which can effectively collect PM2.5 dust.
Obvious energy saving effect by using pulse power supply
  • The work principle of pulse power supply is: the basic DC voltage is only used for dust collection, and the pulse voltage is used for corona. Therefore, the basic DC voltage only needs to rise to the level of corona. At this time, the DC voltage is about 40KV, the current is under 100mA, and the DC power is about 3~4kw. The instantaneous power of the pulse voltage is big, but the average power is very small (10KW), so the total output power of pulse power supply is even under 14KW.
  • Compare to conventional TR and HFTR, pulse power supply can collect PM10/PM2.5 dust and high specific resistance dust with energy consumption of 14KW, so the energy saving effect is obvious.
Retrofitting of ESP by pulse supply only takes short shutdown time without additional cost
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