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Product description
  Connect the dedicated touch display or connect to a PC to operate the device. The operation interface is friendly, the amount of information displayed is large, and it is synchronized with the whole machine, so that the status of the host can be understood and controlled in time, and the operating parameters can be modified according to the operation requirements, and the operation is sensitive and convenient.
  In addition, multiple devices can be connected to the same computer at the same time, and the computer can manage multiple device parameters at the same time, which is extremely fast. Can realize long-distance communication of multiple ESP power sources:
  1, fiber optic Ethernet communication
  Suitable for communication monitoring of single or multiple power sources over long distances (several kilometers)。
  2, Modbus-485 communication
  Connected by 485 bus, using 2*1.0RVSP two-core twisted-pair shielded cable, suitable for communication monitoring of single or multiple power sources with medium distance (within bus length of 300 meters)。
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